Single Source Optical & Medical Purchasing

The Alliance Buying Group team includes optical industry veterans ranging from opticians to marketing, billing and strategy professionals. Our knowledge of the industry allows us to effectively understand the needs of our members and communicate with them about industry trends, recommendations and opportunities to improve their business practices and profits.

How We Serve the Optical Industry 

The Alliance Buying Group supports the purchasing goals and strategic objectives of various optometric industry clients. Our extensive experience extends from independent optometrists to dispensing ophthalmologists, various industry professionals along with clinics large and small. Whether you own a single clinic or a larger, multi-location national optometry chain, The Alliance Buying Group can help your business increase profits with more informed buying decisions and process improvements. 

Single Source Optical Supplies & Medical Purchasing

Working through The Alliance Buying Group, members can purchase optical supplies and medical products from over 2,000 leading manufacturers. To further simplify the ordering process, products are shipped directly to you while billing is organized by our team before we deliver a consolidated invoice statement to you. 

These monthly statements reduce the amount of paperwork you have to sift through on a regular basis and allow you to focus on the more important aspects of operating your business. In addition, the easy-to-read statement details all purchases made throughout the month and is organized by vendor, product type and invoice. All members receive a discount on their purchases equal to, and often superior to, what they can obtain individually.

Purchasing Alliance Benefits 

When you purchase optical supplies through the The Alliance Buying Group’s vendor network you can select from over 125,000 multi-specialty products, including medical supplies. Our extensive product options, coupled with streamlined ordering and billing, allow our buying group to offer numerous benefits to support your business, including:

  • Helping You Control Costs
    By leveraging the collective power of our purchasing alliance you obtain substantial savings on optical and medical products as well as related services. Best of all, we never charge our buying group members any service or administration fees.
  • Guiding You to Operate More Efficiently
    We have developed exclusive purchasing programs that represent the most commonly used products for many of our member’s practices. By working through The Alliance Buying Group you can submit one payment for all vendor purchases, saving both time and money.
  • Simplifying the Ordering Process
    As a member of The Alliance Buying Group it is easy to begin the ordering process for optical supplies and services. Simply contact our representatives for website ordering capabilities and access to our vendor directory.
  • Offering Exceptional Customer Service
    Our buying group has earned industry reputation for superior customer service by committing to the positive outcomes of our member’s businesses. In addition, our network of vendors and partners join us with sincere interest in the success and growth of your practice.

For more information about the benefits of joining our optometric network give The Alliance Buying Group a call at 888-466-8263 or contact us today.