The New VisibleBliss™ Phoropter Mask

Introducing the newest PPE solution: VisibleBliss™ Phoropter Mask

The VisibleBliss™ Phoropter Mask is designed to:

  • Prevent fogging and trap sneezes, coughs and breath
  • Enhance the safety of the eye care professional and patient
  • Provide an added level of protection and peace of mind for the patient as a single-use protective essential

In addition, this essential product has been engineered by eyecare professionals and is a single-use, recyclable/non-gas permeable material, and is manufactured in the US.  It is for manual phoropters at this time but the auto-phoropters are coming soon.

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The VisibleBlissPhoropter Mask is exclusively distributed by ABB and this product is now available to order.