Benefits Of Becoming A Purchasing Program Member

From costs savings on products and services to collaboration with like-minded business owners, becoming a part of The Alliance Buying Group can bolster your company’s performance in so many ways. 

Benefits of Becoming a Purchasing Alliance Program Member

The Alliance Buying Group is made up of optical professionals interested in taking their business to the next level. We work to support our network with strategic pathways towards success by enhancing operating procedures and organizing cost savings measures for optical supplies not otherwise available to individual clinics. 

Why Join The Alliance Buying Group?

It is simple…when you join The Alliance Buying Group we commit to you tenfold. And, we can show you the numbers to prove why it is cost effective to join our optometric network…just ask us! The most important thing to remember is that The Alliance Buying group works for you!

  • Streamline Paperwork & Purchasing With Buying Group Power
    When you join The Alliance Buying Group you no longer have to wonder if you being charged a fee or getting the discount and/or reward you were promised. Our consolidated statements are straightforward and easy to read. 
  • Purchasing Alliance Discounts & Superb Customer Service
    We serve as your business partner and advocate. The Alliance Buying Group provides each member with a direct line to a customer service and sales consultant for any questions that arise tied to costs, operations, and optical supply products and services. And, we offer all of these services, including our negotiation of the best discounts and pricing, all without a fee. NO FEE! When you join The Alliance Buying Group nothing is hidden and there are no surprises. 
  • Extensive Vendor Partnerships for Optical Supplies & Services
    With over 250 vendors, including exclusive contact lens pricing, the strength and power of our purchasing alliance is proven – and guaranteed to reduce your regular expenditures on optical product and service costs. In turn, these cost reductions allow you to pass the savings on to your loyal customers and helps to free up cash for investments in other important equipment or staff development opportunities.
  • Optometric Networks Offer Opticians & Clinics Immense Growth Opportunities
    The Alliance Buying Group not only improves your bottom line, but contributes to your business’ operational enhancements, staff education and goal setting. We also offer professional marketing programs to help our members develop branding initiatives, create growth strategies and increase patient satisfaction. 

Alongside our efforts to support your clinic’s strategic approach we can also provide cost savings and assistance with products and services ranging from social media management and website development to office supplies, merchant services and telecom.