Why Join the Alliance Buying Group?

The many perks of joining The Alliance Buying GroupIt’s important to remember that not all buying groups are created equal! When you decide to join forces with an established optometric network like The Alliance Buying Group, you’ll enjoy numerous benefits.
And, if you’re looking to remain competitive with larger optical shops in your area, reduce your spend on optical supplies or improve your business practices, you’ve got nothing to lose by becoming a member! 

A few of the perks our buying group offers each member:

  • LOWER SUPPLY COST AND SERVICES. Simply put, the power of our purchasing alliance along with our long-standing industry relationships allow us to negotiate the best possible pricing and discounts for all your products and support services WITHOUT FEES. You will also receive full reimbursement for all of your optical supplies product returns.
  • CONSOLIDATED AND STREAMLINED BILLING. This means you’ll receive ONE STATEMENT and you can use ONE CHECK to pay for all the products and optical supplies purchased under The Alliance Buying Group program. In addition, you can enjoy 24/7 access to your account information through our website as well as the convenience of online payment.
  • We continue to develop and deploy VALUE ADDED SERVICES to help streamline our members’ practices. We understand the needs and challenges of our member’s businesses and can provide marketing resources and other business management services to help increase your businesses profitability. 
  • We are your BUSINESS ADVOCATE and can help to LOWER YOUR ADMINISTRATIVE OVERHEAD through optometric network services such as contract monitoring. Acting as your liaison with vendors and distributors, we work with and for you – never against you! On your behalf, we will investigate price discrepancies and discount issues as needed, as well as collect and consolidate invoice / credit documentation. 
  • WE CARE ABOUT PEOPLE and so does our dedicated and knowledgeable customer service team. We are committed to act with compassion, to listen and to respect our valued customers, business partners and employees. We believe that for all of us to achieve our business goals, we must work in alignment with your needs to become a true business partner.