Luxottica Group

Luxottica Group is a world renowned premium eyewear company. The international, luxury conglomerate represents some of the leading designer brands, including Prada, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren and Chanel to name a few. They also do business for a collection of their own house brands, including Persol, Oakley and Ray-Ban, among others. The group is unique in that they are involved in all aspects of the design, manufacturing, distribution and retail sales for the brands they serve. In addition to operating their own retail locations, Luxottica also distributes glasses via third-party retailers such as department stores, duty-free shops and optician-run eye care practices.

One of the fashion eyewear frame vendors that The Alliance Buying Group proudly partners with is the Luxottica Group.  Founded in 1961 and headquartered in Milan, Italy, Luxottica is the world’s largest eyewear designer, manufacturer and distributor.  The company’s chief strength is its innovative, vertically-integrated business model that generates over $10 billion in annual revenue.  Another key driving force behind Luxottica’s marketing success and global eye care industry presence is the fact the company currently holds distribution licensing agreements for 28 different fashion eyewear collections.

Spearheaded by such premier brands as Ray-Ban, Coach, Armani, Prada, Polo Ralph Lauren, Dolce and Gabbana, Oakley, Tory Burch, and Michael Kors, Luxottica globally markets ophthalmic and sunwear frame selections that appeal to a broad mix of patient demographic needs.  Worldwide brand awareness for their iconic collections has further benefited from Luxottica’s well-positioned retail outlet operations.  The company also enjoys much success through their distribution partnerships with third-party retailers including finer department stores, duty-free shops, and optician-owned eye care practices.

Introducing Luxottica’s Top-Selling Frame Collections

Luxottica’s well-balanced, frame collection portfolio features numerous iconic names from the fashion industry, ones whose clothing and accessory creations routinely grace runways from New York to Paris.  These designer eyewear brands reflect unique product selections that incorporate style, quality and today’s high-tech influences, while also embracing the steadfast pillars of fashion, luxury, sports and performance.  Here’s a snapshot of Luxottica’s best-selling designer frame collections, with each spotlighted in more detail:

Ray-Ban: Since first being developed back in 1937 for U.S. Army aviators, Ray-Ban today has transitioned into a powerful symbol of cultural change, self-expression and flair.  Featuring a wide offering of selections for men, women and kids, including sunglass and ophthalmic frame styles, Ray-Bans today grace the faces of many celebrities and public figures across the globe.  In 2013, Luxottica launched Ray-Ban Remix; an online customization platform with a mass appeal to Millennials, which allows a patient to personalize their eyeglass purchase including the lens color, material, frame style and even lens engraving, if desired.

Coach: Launched in a Manhattan family-run workshop back in 1941, Coach has blossomed into one of America’s leading designer brands, while becoming known for its fine fashion accessories and ready-to-wear items, including ophthalmic and sunwear frames.  Men and women alike are drawn to Coach’s unique look, which effectively combines the rapid pulse of New York City with a more subdued and authentic American heritage feel.

Oakley: For those who bravely serve in the U.S. military to world class Olympic athletes, since 1975 Oakley has been providing top-quality sunwear options designed with a focus on the interface where sports meets performance.  In 1996, and due to customer requests, Oakley launched its ophthalmic eyewear collection with the same athletic-yet-graceful, action-focused message.  Today, Oakley is well-established in the consumer sports apparel and accessories market, while appealing to people of all ages with active lifestyles.  Oakley’s worldwide distribution network includes Oakley “O” outlets and Oakley Vault stores.

Prada: Representative of Italy’s culture, tradition and design sensibilities, Prada is fashion-forward, innovative and prestigious all at the same time.  Prada’s ophthalmic and sunglass eyewear frame collections deliver a timeless message of refined elegance, coupled with uncompromising quality.  The newer Linea Rossa collection was inspired by the world of luxury sports activities, while showcasing fresh eyewear designs that are casual yet sophisticated.

Michael Kors:  An American luxury brand launched in 1981, Michael Kors is known for his prestigious, iconic and indulgent design concepts manifested through his chic clothing and fashion accessory collections.  Attitude, combined with a consumer’s need to feel glamorously a part of the jet-setting crowd, defines this brand.  Its unisex styling has carried over to Michael Kors’ eyewear designs as well, with a broad-range of fashion sunglass and ophthalmic frame options available that accurately capture the Michael Kors image.

Tory Burch: One of the newest designers on the block, CEO and chief fashion designer Tory Burch has risen to fame by initially introducing her signature Reva ballet flats and tunics in 2004. Today, Tory Burch has branched out into fashion accessories, apparel and beauty aid products, all designed to incorporate her patented Bohemian preppy feel and look.  Known further for her bold colors, graphic prints and eclectic detailing, Tory Burch expanded into the fashion eyewear genre in 2009, and with the launch of her bold designer frame collection. 

Luxottica’s Retail Network is a Global Presence

One of the key reasons that the Luxottica Group has positioned itself as the world’s premier eyewear frame designer, manufacturer and distributor is its vast retail enterprise.  Under the umbrella of Luxottica Retail, the company currently operates over 8,000 retail locations around the globe, many of which are located in the United States and Europe.  Those numerous consumer-recognized retail outlets include the following:

  • Sunglass Hut International
  • LensCrafters
  • Pearle Vision
  • EyeMed Vision Care
  • Oakley
  • (online)
  • Sears Optical
  • Target Optical

As the pre-eminent eye care health provider in the world, Luxottica’s 80,000+ employee work force is motivated on a daily basis by a corporate vision of:  “To see the beauty of life”.   With respect to Luxottica’s 28 eyewear collections, each and every frame is carefully created using a philosophy of combining innovative materials, technologies and processes with unparalleled craftsmanship.


Recent Optical Industry Updates Regarding Luxottica

July, 2017- Luxottica Group reported that its net sales were up 4.2% YTD with a net profit increase of 18% in the first half of 2017

March, 2017- The company announced an expansion of its North American distribution facility located in McDonough, GA (USA), which should mean an additional 1,000 employees there.

February, 2017- Ray-Ban and Ferrari unveil an increased level of collaboration agreement.

January, 2017- Luxottica revealed plans for a merger with vision lens and lab services provider Essilor International.  The pending merger is slated to be finalized by the end of this year.