OGI Eyewear - Craftsmanship, Design, and Quality

OGI eyewear stems from modest Minnesotan beginnings, and this intimate feel has been a core value of OGI as it has grown to become a valued brand with international reach. 

Always putting brilliance and character at the forefront of its design, OGI offers a diverse array of glasses for a variety of clients and occasions. OGI brings luxury and cosmopolitan rarities to the world of eyewear, and their international reach is ever-expanding. Their far-reaching designs never forget the roots from which they blossomed.     

OGI Eyewear

OGI eyewear focus on comfort – comfort of wallet and of mind – while offering unique designs and a color palette suited to every season.   

OGI Kids

The OGI Kids collection puts our future generation at the forefront of fashion. These great frames brought to you by OGI come in a variety of astute yet youthful styles and shades.


The Seraphin collection from OGI eyewear marries vintage inspired frames to a lovely, contemporary context.


Innotec from OGI Eyewear is a state-of-the-art collection offering sleek options for men and women alike. The Innotec collection offers colorful frames with the unique flair characteristic of OGI’s work.

Scojo New York

The Scojo New York collection is just that: a series of unique looks reflective of the five boroughs, maintaining the omnipresence of Manhattan mod.

Bon Vivant

The Bon Vivant collection from OGI is a beautifully feminine with regal accents.

Red Rose

This minimal mod collection, Red Rose, comes from OGI with use of precious metals to compliment well-crafted, geometric designs.