Optical Supply

The Alliance Buying Group is the eye care industry’s leading purchasing alliance for optical supplies, equipment and optical eyewear services. As a member of The Alliance Buying Group optical professionals can enjoy the benefits of group purchasing power to save on optometry supplies, eyewear products and services from the industry’s leading suppliers.

Optical Supplies Online at Wholesale Prices

optical supplies buying groupNo matter the size of your independent optical clinic or multi-location OD practice, The Alliance Buying Group can help you save tons of money on the ophthalmic supplies you already order on a regular basis. In turn, the cost savings you realize on optical supplies can help your practice free up funds to effectively run the business, retain your workforce and engage in industry education and development opportunities. And, with access to lower cost, wholesale optical supplies, our member opticians can determine when and how it makes sense to pass those cost savings on to their loyal customers.

Extensive Options for Optical Supplies Manufacturers & Eyewear Products

Today, The Alliance Buying Group members have access to over 125,000 optical supplies from many different vendors and partners through our secure online portal. This extensive list of optical eyewear vendors and ophthalmic suppliers can quickly fulfill orders for everything from replacement parts to tools, exam supplies, inspection and processing equipment, dyes and solutions, and a host of other optometric supplies and accessories.

Quality manufacturers and a robust distributor network of optometry supplies, products and services are plentiful in the eye care industry. As a result, OD’s and ophthalmic business owners are afforded the flexibility to purchase products from optometry supply companies that stand up to exacting standards and end-customer preferences. Additionally, this wide-ranging assortment of products allows optical professionals to continue ordering the optical supplies they know and love, but to also access a host of new and innovative items that can contribute to effective work, as well as customer delight.

A select list of The Alliance Buying Group’s premier distributors and optometric supplies manufacturers are grouped by the following core optical supplies categories:

Fulfilling the Optical Eyewear and Optical Supplies Retail Needs of Our Members

optometrist supply & servicesThe Alliance Buying Group understands that a large portion of individual OD, private practice optical clinics and multi-location optometric shops rely on the retail sales of optical supplies as a revenue generator for their business. For that reason, we continually aim to grow our relationships in the optical eyewear, equipment and supply industry so that we can continue to satisfy our members’ requests for in-demand optical supplies and exceed the expectations of individual consumers with both popular and unique choices for optical eyewear frames, lenses, services and accessories.

As our list of partnerships with industry distributors, USA-made and internationally respected manufacturers grows, The Alliance Buying Group can provide an even larger number of optical eyewear products and optometry supplies options to our members. In turn, our members can try out new retail products, optical supplies, industry equipment and tools to grow their business and help them differentiate their practice when compared with local competitors.